Propel Orthodontics in Cypress, TX

Propel Orthodontics

If you ask anyone who has had their teeth straightened what they wish they could change, the vast majority will comment that they wish it could be done faster. With traditional braces and Invisalign, it can take months or years to finally get the smile you had been hoping for. Luckily, Propel Orthodontics is able to speed up the process of straightening your teeth!

What is Propel Orthodontics?

Propel is a cutting edge system that uses devices and procedures to shift teeth as fast and painlessly as possible. The best part is that Propel can be used in conjunction with other orthodontic treatments such as traditional braces or Invisalign. This can get the teeth into their up to 50% faster than just using standard orthodontic treatments alone.

Propel Orthodontics Why Consider Propel Orthodontics?

Propel creates alveolar perforations which allow orthodontic methods work more efficiently. The creation of these perforations is s micro-invasive option that is able to stimulate the bone production in the upper and lower jaw. This activity alone will cut your time wearing braces or Invisalign in half.

Propel can also help those with difficult tooth movements that Invisalign couldn’t fix on its own. Propel can help those with complex cases that may normally require dental surgery to fix. The procedure can be done in just a few minutes from the comfort of your chair. It yields little discomfort at the time but can save a patient months of hassle later.

Have you always wanted straighter teeth but did not want to deal with a long treatment time wearing braces or Invisalign? Mirabella Smiles is one of the few dentists in the Houston area that can help cut your orthodontic time in half using Propel. Call us today to set up a consultation!