PRF Procedure

PRF Procedure

Blood is an amazing bodily substance, full of healing properties, nutrients and growth components. One of the powerful blood factors that encompasses both benefits is platelet-rich fibrin. PRF is rich in platelets and infection-fighting leukocyte. Therefore, PRF has been used for quite some time in medicine to accelerate healing. Recently, numerous studies and research journals have confirmed that PFR is an effective tool in dentistry. Mirabella Smiles now offers this revolutionary PRF procedure to our Cypress and nearby Houston and Katy, TX patients.

PRF in Dental Treatments

The platelets and growth factors in PRF serve essential body functions such as blood clotting and faster wound healing. The growth components encourage stem cells to generate new tissue quickly, making platelet-rich fibrin a highly effective part of the healing process following invasive dental treatment.

How Is Platelet Rich Fibrin Used?

The process is simple: Dr. Faltine draws a small sample of your blood and places it in vials. This first step is just like having blood taken for a medical test. The blood vials are positioned at very specific angles in a centrifuge. The process of rotation produces a cultivated blood clot also known as PRF, filled with bone-forming cells and potent antibodies.

After Dr. Faltine sutures the wound, a high concentration of PRF is immediately applied to the treatment site. It acts as a bionic bandage that accelerates healing, lessens inflammation and minimizes post-surgery discomfort.