iTero Intraoral Digital Scanners – Everything You Need to Know

iTero Intraoral Digital Scanners – Everything You Need to Know

iTero introduced its first intraoral scanner in the year 2007. It was revolutionary dental equipment, which changed the face of dentistry for orthodontists. It enabled them to work effectively and efficiently because of the enhanced digital scanning.

What Are iTero Intraoral Scanners?

These scanners are helpful in scanning the mouths of the patients and capturing images for creating a 3D dental image within a few minutes. These scanners are easy to use and don’t need more people to operate. They help the dentist in jersey Village, in getting best results for planning the right treatment as they offer more detailed image than the traditional 2D images. The dentists can now create accurate physical, dental models for dental jobs such as implants, crowns, and porcelain veneers.

What iTero Intraoral Scanners Do

The Intraoral scanners come with a wand, which is moved around the mouth of the patient. The latest version captures thousands of frames per second, which are further pieced together for creating a 3D image of the patient’s mouth. The wand by iTero is smaller than previous scanners making it easy for the wand to reach even at the back and capture the molars as well.

How Intraoral Scanners Make Invisalign Orthodontics Easier

The Invisalign is one of the popular teeth-straightening techniques used today and intraoral scanner’s open architecture makes them compatible to the Invisalign system. The dentist can scan the mouth of the patient and show them how their Invisalign will look. It improves the patient’s experience as they know what to expect from the treatment and feel confident during their diagnosis and treatment plan.

Improving iTero Intraoral Scanners

The iTero intraoral scanner is a leader in the dental technology, but it still strives to refine its scanning options. The scanner can now capture 6000 frames per second, which is up to 20 times faster than its older version. The wand is also lighter and smaller with inbuilt controls for intuitive operation. Also, these scanners are known for their excellent accuracy and the company aims to offer more advanced services in the future.