Invisalign in Cypress, TX

If you are considering achieving a straighter smile with orthodontics, you are probably entertaining the idea of Invisalign near you. What is Invisalign in Cypress? Invisalign invisible braces are clear aligner trays that straighten teeth without metal braces. These undetectable trays gradually and gently move the teeth into their perfect positions.

Invisible Braces in Cypress TX

Dr. Faltine will take impressions of your teeth in order to create Invisalign aligner trays that are custom-made to your smile. These smooth plastic trays will be comfortable and easy to remove and replace. You will wear each set of Invisalign aligners for two weeks before switching to the next set. Fortunately, you will only need to visit the office every 4-6 weeks. Dr. Faltine will give you a few sets of aligners at each visit so that you do not have to have frequent appointments. Wear the aligners between 20 and 22 hours each 24 hour day for a rapid and beautiful smile transformation.

Comparing Invisalign to Other Braces

Keep Braces a Secret: Invisalign is called invisible braces in Cypress because they won’t be easily seen. Many people won’t even notice you’re wearing braces. Your orthodontics won’t show up when you smile, laugh, or have a photo taken of you.

Remove for Convenient Cleaning: You can remove your aligners to clean your teeth and your orthodontics. You can floss and brush your teeth just like you always have. In the meantime, you can soak your aligners in denture cleaner. You can also clean them with a toothbrush.

Eat without a Care: With Invisalign invisible braces, you can maintain all of your same eating habits. Each time you eat, you should remove the Invisalign aligners. You can then indulge in all of your favorites!

Reduce Risk in Sports: If you play a sport that may put your orthodontics or your teeth in danger, you can reduce the risk by removing your aligners for short amounts of time. You can even replace them with a sports mouth guard to increase your safety.

Invisalign in Cypress TX

For an easy experience with braces that leads to impressive results, Invisalign in Cypress, TX might be the perfect choice for you. Call into MiraBella Smiles today to set up your appointment.

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