Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Cypress, TX

If you’ve suffered a traumatic injury or lost most of your teeth, it is likely time to start looking at solutions to restore your smile. One option to look into is “full mouth rehabilitation near me.” Full mouth rehabilitation, or full mouth reconstruction as it is also called, is the collection of treatments and options available when replacing all teeth in a person’s mouth and restoring their smile. Full mouth rehabilitation is a combination of several dental disciplines, including restorative dentistry, dental applications, and cosmetic dentistry, to not only restore function to the mouth but to restore a beautiful smile as well.

Who is Eligible for Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Cypress, TX?

Not only patients who have suffered accidents or trauma are good candidates for full mouth rehabilitation; there are many types of patients with many reasons why they may need dental restoration.

Some viable candidates include those who have lost many or all teeth due to gum disease, multiple cracked or broken teeth, multiple large fillings, cracked or falling teeth, bruxism, or other issues that have significantly weakened their teeth.

Additionally, those with dental disorders they were born with, such as dentinogenesis and other conditions, are also excellent candidates for dental rehabilitation.

It’s a good idea to consult with your dentist about the shape of your mouth, remaining teeth, and the overall state of your oral health to see what can be done to rebuild and restore your smile. Many patients are surprised at the options available to give them back a smile they want and deserve.

Types of Treatment Options

There are many ways to complete full mouth rehabilitation. That’s why speaking with your dentist about your needs and what type of restoration and rehabilitation would work best in your unique situation is important.

You have options that range from getting dental applications like bridges and crowns to dentures. These are effective temporary tooth replacement options for those not wanting surgery.

Those who want a more permanent option can opt for the implant full mouth rehabilitation. Full mouth implants are designed for those who have lost all their teeth and want permanent restoration. You can even choose options such as implant-supported dentures if you aren’t capable of getting a full mouth of traditional implants.

Full mouth rehabilitation is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get their smile back.