Dentures in Cypress, TX


Dissatisfied with an Incomplete Smile?

When you have missing teeth, it is difficult to enjoy a normal life. Our beautiful dentures in Cypress can give you a full and complete smile that will look and feel much better than an incomplete one. Both our traditional and implant supported dentures utilize advanced technology and materials, so they fit and function very well. Whether you choose traditional or implant supported dentures, you will notice a younger-looking face and a happier smile.

Traditional Dentures in Cypress, TX

Traditional dentures are most frequently used to replace a full set of teeth. Traditional dentures can replace all of the upper teeth, all of the lower teeth, or both the upper and lower teeth. Dr. Faltine will take impressions of your teeth and send them into a lab. At the lab, they can create beautiful custom-made traditional dentures that will fit you comfortably. When you choose traditional dentures, there is no need for surgery or invasive procedures. For the most part, traditional dentures will make eating and speaking easier after a little practice. There are certain foods that cannot be eaten with traditional dentures because they may displace the dentures.

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Implant Supported Dentures in Cypress

Implant supported dentures are especially secure. They include replacement tooth roots that are surgically placed under the gums. The dentures click into these replacement tooth roots, which are called dental implants. They will stay in your mouth regardless of what you eat because they work just like real teeth. They can be cared for like natural teeth, and they will look and feel perfect in your mouth. Implant supported dentures in Cypress, TX require a surgical procedure, but they will provide you with amazing, healthy replacement teeth for a lifetime.

Dentures in Cypress, TX

Every MiraBella Smiles patient is different. To determine which tooth replacement solution will be best for you, book an appointment with our Cypress dentist near you. Dr. Faltine and his team are happy to help.