Dental Implants in Cypress, TX

Dental Implants

Do you want a complete smile full of perfectly functional teeth? Dental implants in Cypress are an advanced and realistic method of tooth replacement. Dental implants are small titanium rods that are inserted into the jawbone, underneath the gums. The implants are then restored with dental crowns. Here are some of the benefits of dental implants:

No Slipping or Sliding

Dental implants will make it easier to talk, bite down, chew, and smile normally. Some tooth replacement methods, like traditional dentures, tend to slip and slide around in the mouth at all of the worst times. You can rely on dental implants to do their job and never embarrass you.

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A Healthier Jaw

Many tooth replacement methods do not provide the stimulation to the jawbone that natural teeth do. Dental implants work just like natural tooth roots, which stimulate the jawbone to keep it healthy. Dental implants in Cypress can prevent jawbone deterioration in the future.

A Lifetime Solution

Dental implants have proven to last for twenty years or more. For patients 45 or older, dental implants most often last for a lifetime. Crown replacement may be necessary, but future surgery is unlikely. Within just a few months, you can enjoy a smile of your dreams that will last for life.

Simple Maintenance

You don’t need to change up your routine or learn anything new when you get dental implants. You can brush and floss your dental implants just like natural teeth!

Let Your Confidence Soar

Dental implants provide patients with an attractive, natural-looking smile. A full and youthful smile will allow you to increase your confidence levels and enrich your life.

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Dental Implants Near You

When you visit MiraBella Smiles for your dental implants in Cypress, TX near Katy, TX, you can trust Dr. Faltine to provide you with excellent continuous care. Many dentists are not qualified to place dental implants, so they send their patients to specialists outside of the office, and then bring them back for the restorations. Dr. Faltine does both the placement and restoration of the dental implants, so that you can stick with someone that is familiar with your teeth and your needs throughout the entire process.

“Why choose Dr. Faltine for Dental Implants?

Today, there is no reason to live with tooth loss. In fact, one or more missing teeth can be replaced in just one day! It is possible to restore your smile with fully functional teeth without the wait.

New Teeth in One Day

Our dentist in Cypress, TX, can insert as few as four dental implants in your arch to support a full set of replacement teeth. Furthermore, this new set will be securely and permanently fixed in place. Once the process is complete, your natural appearance and proper mouth function are fully restored.

This leading-edge treatment is called New Teeth in One Day. It makes it possible for most dental implant patients to receive both the titanium posts and their new teeth without bone grafts. This breakthrough procedure involves placing 4–6 custom-designed implants. The posts are surgically inserted in strategic positions where the bone is of the highest density and volume. As a result, even people with extensive bone loss can restore their smiles with New Teeth in One Day. In the past, these patients would not have been candidates for tooth implants.

Dental implant restorations look and feel like natural teeth. What’s more, New Teeth in One Day implants are completely stable. Therefore, you will never have to worry about gum irritation or having your teeth slip out of place.

You Beautiful New Smile

Your replacement teeth will look, feel, and function like natural teeth. As a result, your chewing power and full mouth function will be restored. Unlike conventional dentures, implant-supported dentures have no acrylic palate to inhibit your sense of taste and take away your enjoyment of food. Eating will be uncomplicated and pleasurable. Even more, you will feel free to show off your new smile.

Dental Implants Expert in Cypress, TX

Dr. Faltine is very skilled and experienced in dental implant placement. He understands the design and placement of the highest-quality replacement teeth. Our Cypress, TX dentist is one of the youngest doctors in the U.S. to have received the prestigious fellowship status with the Academy of General Dentistry. This honor is bestowed to less than 10 percent of dentists.

In addition, Dr. Faltine has achieved fellow status with the International Congress of Oral Implantologist (ICOI). He earned this honorable achievement for his commitment to excellence in implant dentistry and continued education. The completion of a rigorous training and qualification process is required to earn fellow status.”