Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic Dentures in Cypress, TX

If you’ve lost some or all of your teeth, you may be looking into getting dentures in Houston. While traditional dentures are a way to replace your missing teeth, they don’t have the same appeal as a natural smile. You might want to consider searching for “cosmetic dentures near me.” You can get dentures in Cypress at our dental clinic that are specially made to look and feel like real teeth compared to traditional dentures.

If you’re considering dentures at all, cosmetic dentures should be your first choice instead of traditional dentures.

What Are Cosmetic Dentures?

As we discussed, cosmetic dentures are dentures that are made to look and feel more like real teeth. Because they are made differently than traditional dentures, you have more options regarding the type of dentures you get and how they fit inside your mouth. Patients can get three types of cosmetic dentures: partial dentures, full dentures, and implant-supported dentures.

Depending on the number of teeth a person has lost, and their level of comfort having a dental application in their mouth or having surgical implants installed to support permanent dentures, the option that works best for you may be different than another.

How Are Cosmetic Dentures Different From Traditional Dentures?

Besides how these dentures look, there are some fundamental differences to cosmetic dentures that patients will benefit from.

Traditional dentures are made to be placed into the mouth, typically using dental adhesive, and then removed when not necessary. Due to a lack of teeth in the mouth, over time, having traditional dentures causes the facial muscles to become lax, and the face begins to droop and sag. The lack of support can cause a recession in the jawbone as it no longer needs to support real teeth.

This leads to an uncomfortable fit and unnatural look to traditional dentures that many patients are put off by. The lack of support for the top and bottom jaw also makes it hard for the dentures to fit properly regardless of the amount of adhesive used.

On the other hand, cosmetic dentures are built to support the mouth and muscles of the face so that the face no longer droops and sags even with the dentures in place. This creates a more realistic-looking smile and helps keep the face’s contour intact for patients worried about the look of the dentures.

The additional option of having cosmetic dentures supported by implants makes them a better option than traditional braces because a patient is guaranteed a more permanent solution to tooth loss, rather than having to send dentures in for repairs if they break. Implant-supported dentures are a sturdy and long-lasting solution to tooth loss; in most cases, they can last for decades if well maintained.

5 Reasons to Choose Cosmetic Dentures in Houston

Now that we’ve told you a little about cosmetic dentures and how they work, here are five important reasons for choosing cosmetic dentures in Houston, Texas, at your local dentist’s office.

They Look Better

If one of your primary concerns is how your dentures will look when you place them, then cosmetic dentures are the logical choice. They look more like real teeth than traditional dentures.

They Fit Better

Having dentures that fit well can make all the difference in whether or not you enjoy wearing them and can enjoy smiling and eating the foods you love. Cosmetic dentures are made to fit better than traditional dentures, so there’s less discomfort.

They Support the Face

One of the biggest downsides of traditional dentures is that they provide no support for the jaw and facial muscles, leading to a drastic change in appearance as the face droops and sags. Cosmetic dentures help solve this problem by offering more support for the face when worn.

They Are Long Lasting

Generally, if well maintained, a set of cosmetic dentures can last longer and stay more comfortable for longer than traditional dentures, thanks to the sturdier construction.

You Have More Options

Traditional dentures only have two options: a partial denture or a full denture. While this might give you back your missing teeth, you’ll still have to deal with replacing them. You can opt for implant-supported dentures with cosmetic dentures, which are a permanent solution to tooth loss.

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